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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law - AL I:40

Welcome to Channel 93, your Thelemic Channel.  Channel 93 is dedicated to the Virtual Thelemic Community.  We wish to provide exposure and access for the cream of the Thelemic Web.

Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:  Thelema as religion or philosophy; O.T.O., E.G.C., H.O.O.R., T.O.T, A.'. A.'. and any other Thelemic Groups; Crowley, Parsons and other movers within Thelema; Nietzsche, Rabelais and other great philosophers (as understood within the Thelemic paradigm); any occult science (if told from a Thelemic perspective); and finally Wicca, Chaos Magick Satanist, Setian and any other Thelemic derivatives - I will be extremely critical of these!

Channel 93 Logo Channel 93 is the brainchild of Thee Everluvin' Nexist ov Xaos Breach.  Originally, the ring was created to hold my various Web sites together, its popularity has astounded me.

There used to be a long list of my alternative identities here, names created to bypass the one meg limit that GeoCities used to have.  Rather than continue with this deception, I have moved my divers sites from GeoCities to other servers, namely Tripod and NBCi (formerly Xoom).

The only actual discrete, distinct and seperate entity from the original list, other than my primary online identity, nexist (Xenda'ths), was Gerald del Campo (formerly Lastadt's Laboratory), a good friend of mine.

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