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Before proceeding, please read the following.  It delineates what we expect from a website in Channel 93.

Channel 93 will only accept sites that present quality material and design, with the accent on material (preferably original material).  This doesn't mean that you need to have a lot of animations, sounds, graphics and what not (in fact, if all of the candy obscures the content, you will be declined).  This does mean that posting a text copy of Liber AL will most likely be declined.  We are looking for sites from Thelemites who are dedicated to maintaining a web presence and show that dedication in their website.


A Simple Test

Please ask yourselves the following questions:


Does your Site contain information regarding Thelema?


Is the page you are linking into the ring contain the information specified by (1)?


Is the overall listing/page/content intended to fulfill the purpose specified in (1)?


Is the overall listing/page/content intended (or appear to be intended) to refer to other pages which do not fulfill it (i.e., is your Thelema page a magnet to draw people in for another agenda)?

Guidlines based upon an outline provided by Sorer Ishtaria.

Still willing?  Well then, jump on up and sign up.  If you are returning, you will notice that the form is no longer present.  This is because Yahoo! bought Webring, and in so doing, broke the form.  Thus, you will need to secure a Yahoo! ID in order to join.  Am I happy?  I don't know, but I do know that it is out of my control -- C'est la vie.

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