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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law - AL I:40

Thank you for opting to join Channel 93.  To assist you in integrating your entry into the ring, I have included the source code and graphics needed below.  The Webring Navigation graphic comes in several formats.  Please select the image that you like best and incorporate the image map code (available by clicking on the desired image).  If you have an image that you like, please submit it to us and we will be more than happy to consider it for inclusion here.

Channel 93 Logo JPEG on Black Square BackgroundChannel 93 Logo Gif on Black Circle Background (uses Transparent Colors)
Channel 93 Webring JPEG on Flowing Red Bar (Plaque Style)
Small Channel 93 Logo JPEG on Black Bar (No Border)
Channel 93 Webring GIF on Dark Green Oval (uses Transparent Colors)
Channel 93 Webring JPEG on Fractal Cannibas Design <g> (No Border)

Above Graphics Created by Thee Everluvin Nexist of Xaos Breach

Channel 93 Webring GIF Solar Flare around 3d Pyramid With Udjet on White (Raised Border)
Graphic Courtesy of Michelle Klein-Hass.

The following texts links must also be included for our non-graphical bretheren.

<A HREF="">Previous Site</A>

<A HREF="">Home</A>

<A HREF="">Next Site</A>

Finally, the following may be utilized as you will.

<A HREF="">Next Five Site</A>

<A HREF="">Skip to Site after Next</A>

<A HREF="">Skip to site before Previous</A>

<A HREF="">Random Site</A>

NOTE: All links should be entered in your webpages as one continuous line rather than broken up as shown here.

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