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Channel 93 Webring JPEG on Flowing Red Bar (Plaque Style)

To insert this image into your Source code, include the following code snippet:

<IMG SRC="C93Nav-RedFlowBanner.jpg"
 ALT="Channel 93 Navigational Image"

In the following URL's, the XXX placeholder should be replaced with your site ID.

<MAP NAME="c93">
 ALT="Broadcast center for Channel 93">

 COORDS="0,0,136,56"  HREF="
 ALT="Previous Web Site">

 COORDS="296,0,416,56"  HREF="
 ALT="Next Site in Webring">


Note:  if you resize the image, these coordinates will no longer be accurate!

Note 2: Due to a glitch in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, please make sure that all Coordinate numbers appear on the same line in your source code.

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